Utility services consumers usually have to collect a number of different references and copies of documents. List of these documents sometimes can be found on notice boards in the provider's offices. It means that a consumer has to visit the office at least twice: first to learn the list of documents, second to bring copies of these documents. If any of required copy is absent customer will have to visit the office again.

Further the provider starts experiencing issues. These copies require much room to be stored, it should be organized properly for quick search of necessary document. Such archives have very poor organization and personnel experiences permanent difficulties in finding, moreover customers cannot address to another office of this provider because of the archive. Documents can be spoiled by water or mice. Because of the difficulties to find necessary documents it is impossible to carry out quick stock taking. Planned stock taking can take too much time and is carried out rarely. A remote inspection from the head office is impossible without revising archived documents. Personnel is completely aware of the situation and use it as advantage.

To put an end to all this disorder we developed a system of "Electronic archives" which helps to carry out inspections in the affiliated offices of a company. System stores scanned documents on user's personal account. Every process which required a copy of document before now performed after the document was scanned and saved in the database.

When the name of document is entered into the system the proper scanning properties and options are suggested.


a document type is automatically selected depending on process: passport, certificate for bonuses, payment receipts.

System of Electronic archives is provided for further control of processes and operations.

  • Easy navigation for one user's documents.
  • Scan copy corresponds to text data in the system.
  • Performed process is verified by scan copy of document stored in the system.
  • Cancellation of electronic copies with saving of void documents.
  • Small file size (a passport page takes up to 50kb).
  • Multi page documents.

Documents of users are stored the database in binary code and cannot be copied or deleted.

There is no need to require copies from consumers and spend time and efforts for their storage.