System operation management

As a rule billing system management process is a sacred procedure which is a secret one. Software developer runs manually crucial processes for billing system operation. If he/she forgets or makes an error or falls ill the work of sales department will have to stop. Developers are so important. Now let's multiply a human factor by a number of company's offices where the billing system is installed, let's also take into account that some of the offices can be far away from the city where even a rookie developer is a very rare thing. What shall we do then?

If there are a lot of computers there is only one way out - programmed automated solution for system management. It can be tuned by an ordinary operator, no special skills required. It forgets nothing. It never gets ill. It never blackmails management with job changing.

All works are performed by the system according to set schedule on daily, monthly, yearly basis at set time. Day closing, adding to archives, bills forming etc. Log files come to system administrator every morning.