All software of Megasoft company is supported during term of use. The support includes the following:

  1. System operation support, speed of operation support. Configuration and optimization of OS and DBMS. Installation and re installation of system in case of hardware failure. Debugging. Time of complete system recovery varies from several hours to several days depending on term and conditions of agreement.
  2. Independent monitoring and billing system compliance support local and national laws. Notice to the customer of changes in effective legal system and free updates of software.
  3. Continuous update of software and new versions and functions of the system for the customer's cost. Report generation expansion, new types of queries. Development of new calculation forms.
  4. Customized modules development based on the customer requirements for the customer's cost and further free distribution for next customers for this software solution.
  5. In case of version update conversion of data for a new system. Personnel training in case of version upgrade.
  6. Real time operational support. Advice on calculation results both in bills and departments (figures in reports).
  7. New technologies of selling department work development, advice on optimizing the personnel operation. Joint seminars, round tables, conferences on key issues of trends, development of billing systems and new operation technologies for selling department.