Automated calculation

Having studied different billing systems we understood as strange as it may be but that the majority cannot calculate. It means that they operate in a very narrow scope. E.g. if you verify data for a current month the computer will do the re-calculation. But naturally nobody verifies a current month. If you perform verification once in several years all reports will be closed and re-calculation will be done manually. The verification results will be input manually. Ручные начисления
It means that all calculations are done manually by operators. What is the billing system for? To store results of calculations done manually? Consumers do verifications once in two or three years. Some - once a five years or even more. This is the main condition of the business and it should be supported by the billing system. It doesn't look as reliable information, does it?. The more the better. In order to make a number of manual corrections less we need to make a number of errors in the calculations in past periods. What is the easiest way to do it? Of course we should ignore the data provided by consumers, because very often they (consumers) "provide inaccurate information and the sales show unreal numbers", let alone re-calculations. It is good when consumers have no idea bout this fact. But everything should be paid for. As a result there is a problem with sales. There are no readings then there are no sales, credit is growing. Then a lot of inspectors are contracted to verify data, inspectors' work costs money. Inspectors make visits, often they inform customers of such visits beforehand. Informed customers turn to fear nothing and continue stealing utilities which results in commercial loss.

There is one more way to solve this problem. To share losses using tariff for utility services. But two new problems may arise then. First there are no debtors, because customer pays as mush as he gets. The second one returns us to the very beginning of this story: if a customer consumed less services than the amount divided by the tariff, again the manual re-calculation is required. Reading all these may turn you mad. Any attempt to cheat the technology leads to endless problems.

All problems disappear if your system can calculate. The consumer may get re-calculation for any time period in case of new reading or any other parameter changes. Re-calculation is performed automatically on new data input to the system, for example meters reading from e-mail file, data feeding via Internet or SMS, import from the automated data reading system etc. If inspectors are unable to provide all the readings the system will do approximate calculation and when actual data are fed the immediate re-calculation will be performed for this date. Inaccurate readings will be detected and deleted from calculations. This scheme gives you sales and debtors by the end of every month. Companies with bad tools are initially in unfavorable position and despite all efforts will always be worse than the others.


Рассмотрим вымышленную ситуацию по трем потребителям на декабрь 2011 года.

Автоматически перерасчет

Автоматический перерасчет потребителя

Потребитель Иванов в декабре 2011 года предоставил в абонотдел предприятия информацию о том, что в августе 2010 года у него изменилась льгота. Оператор вносит эту информацию в программу...

У потребителя Петрова никаких изменений не было...

Потребитель Сидоров в декабре 2011 года предоставил в абонотдел предприятия информацию о том, что в декабре 2010 года у него были другие показания, отличные от принятых системой для расчета. Оператор вносит эту информацию в программу...

Во всех случаях перерасчет начислений происходит от последнего акта сверки и принимает во внимание все новые факты, влияющие на расчет.

В отличие от «Мегабиллинг», «системы-регистраторы» считают только по последнему не закрытому бухгалтерскому отчетному периоду. Исправления прошлых периодов в текущем расчетом периоде проводятся вручную и заносятся в систему в виде ручных доначислений/списаний.

Ручной перерасчет

Ручной перерасчет потребителя

«Мегабиллинг» считает одновременно по всем не сверенным периодам активной истории лицевого счёта потребителя.